I approach creative or responsive arts beyond practicing art and address my inner life while documenting my journey. I choose to process my personal growth, self-discovery, and mental well-being through two creative outlets ~ Intuitive Art and Journaling.

Having found this gentle, non-invasive process, I let color, movement, and sound speak out visually. Then, finally, I’m able to get my insides out. But, first, I “Retreat.” 

 During periods of “Retreat,” I commit to a practice of self-searching, prayer, and meditation…I breathe and even let myself be moved by nature, movement, and sound. It’s become a way of living for me. But, like most anything else, we give our time and commitment to it’s easily practiced anytime, anywhere. 

What rituals or modalities help you to make conscious contact with Creation (your Creator)? Isn’t it exciting to experience the awakening of your heart and mind? To have more vital spiritual ears and eyes? 

As I mentioned, I journal – create a paper trail, recording what I hear and see. About what’s going on in my life. What I’m feeling, The obstacles that are in my life currently. Listing what I want and need. Journaling words, sights, tidbits of conversations – anything that is highlighted to me throughout the day. I will write it down. 

Over the years, I’ve learned the value of hindsight. But, the most critical thing journaling has taught me: I can go back and “data mine” my paper trail. I can gain wisdom and understanding of divine order and God’s timing. Data mining is a powerful tool. It’s like a treasure hunt. And in doing so, I grow in understanding and effectiveness. 

My journaling and painting experience is woven together and with a spiritual narrative. It’s the foundation of my creative practice.  It’s intentional and responsive. As I paint, I find myself:

  • Exploring the parallels and patterns in my life.
  • Discovering truths that guide and empower me.
  • Identifying obstacles that are keeping me stuck.
  • Find a path for healing and creative breakthroughs

Taking my awareness to the canvas a day at a time, the painting emerges. The process is beautiful, messy. Color helps me to express what I’m feeling and sensing. Shapes and forms show themselves. My experience is that I’ll know joy and delight as well as doubt and confusion. I continue by trusting the process. Trusting my gut as intuition becomes a trusted companion. 

Through it all, I stay in the process. The outcome is the outcome – none of my business. My part is to be still, connect with the Spirit within me, and be led. Enjoy the journey. And much like my journaling process, God touches me, heals me, moves me in ways that only He can. In the end, I am changed and will find myself empowered with a little more clarity, understanding, and a greater sense of purpose. 

Sarah Oliver, the Artist creator of The Creativity ReConExMe Painting Experience, includes custom-tailored activations, healing modalities, and rituals that enable you to have a new experience with God, yourself, and others. As a result, you’ll have the confidence to take steps leveraging the freedom and success that awaits.

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