It’s about one big thing and many small, consistent actions over time. Connecting to God, your Higher Power is the big thing. I can show you how to break it into small pieces – that’s what I do.

Hey, my name is Sarah Oliver. I’m an artist and Creative Coach offering in-depth training to help artists and creatives integrate creativity and spirituality. 

Creativity Is Not Just About Being An Artist… You’re fashioned with a creative and spiritual narrative – that, when aligned – restores the relationship of your body, mind, and spirit. I’ll teach you to identify blocks, process your breakthroughs, and find your way along the winding path. 

This course is not for you… unless you are willing to commit time to yourSELF, accept a few things in faith, and make the goal the journey itself. Only then can your Creator (or creativity) have its way with you. My 4-cycle program offers options for ALL Levels. Here’s a snapshot of your experience:

CYCLE 1: You’ll RETREAT and get still… for what Is within, is without. Stop wasting time fixing your outer canvas. Instead, connect to your inner self so that you can imagine your path to healing and creative breakthrough.

CYCLE 2: CONNECT is a sensory experience designed to help you tap into the emotional outlet inside of you that you never knew you had. A new encounter with Color so that you can begin seeing, sensing, hearing, learning, and feeling your flow or rhythm to unlock your visual storytelling to express yourself.

Having connected with yourself, the focus of CYCLE 3 is to EXPLORE Creation…where it all began. Dare for more and dive in deeper. This is a journey that will transform you in ways beyond the natural. You’ll find it a meaningful spiritual experience no matter your belief or faith. 

Lastly, CYCLE 4: METAMORPHOSE…Arise and awaken from your mistaken identity. You’ll create a record of your transformation and step into the time and season to embrace new levels of hope and self-acceptance that you’ve not known. 

Are you ready to let go of your self-doubt and frustration — of going it alone? Let me show you how creative self-discovery can help you tap into your inner self and connect with the God of your understanding.

Having a companion alongside you, guiding you as you connect with your inner creative, can make all the difference. As your Creative Coach, I’ll help you discover and implement all the accomplishments and dreams you have inside you.

Use the link below to schedule a free, no-obligation Creative Assessment for more information. First, I’ll answer all your questions and concerns. Then, if you choose to enroll – we’ll clarify your creative experience – and establish a baseline for your goals and aspirations.

I look forward to meeting you. 

~ Sarah

What recent participants are saying…

I was excited to take part in the Art Sozo Encounter Group because I had never painted in all of my life. I felt so free painting with my fingers. For me, it was a most moving, heart-opening spiritual experience. The clarity I gained was so meaningful. 


What a great new experience with God and art!  I have been feeling blocked. I am truly thankful for the support I received during the painting experience. It helped me to completely embrace the process with no inhibitions. I was rendered a refreshed sense of self-acceptance and love.


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