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Set aside everything you think you know about God, yourself, art, and creativity for a new experience. Tap into the “Creative Intelligence” within you and let the creative self-discovery process be a true path to awaken your spirituality.

Creativity is not about being an artist or even about making a masterpiece or perfecting any particular techniques. Art is any creative tool that opens your mind and heart for a new experience. It’s about stirring up our imaginations – getting creative and child-like. I have found that color, movement, and sound help me to connect with myself and my emotions beautifully. It is my delight to share with you some creative spiritual tools that continue to help me heal and navigate in the spirit realm. We discover more about God and ourselves, and can live out of confident trust in the Power within that is truly greater than ourselves.

No Prior Art Experience Or Training Is Necessary; Only Your Willingness To Explore.


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Are you having problems getting out of your own way? If you are feeling stuck, tired of re-visiting the same issues and brokenness time after time this workshop is for you. Additionally, through the use of prayer, prompts, various types of meditations, and self-examination questions your perception of your life’s circumstances will shift. And isn’t that one of the little things that makes a big difference? Need a Spiritual Encounter? Come on, join us, and allow yourself to be drawn into a new thing in YOU! Yes, YOU. No more sitting around watching everyone else getting “upgrades” – it’s for you too.

Tell your friends. Bring your open heart and an open mind – YOU will not be the same. For real. Really!!!

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Coloring Art Encounter, Doodling Art encounter, Dreaming Art Encounter


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