Hey friend,

Let’s talk doodling! I’m sitting here with my sketchpad and pen, feeling moved to share with you my path to spiritual creativity and how doodling has become a sacred part of my spiritual journey. It’s fascinating how this simple act of art intertwines with my spirituality, bringing me deeper personal insights. Maybe you’re searching for unique ways to connect with your spirituality, or maybe you just want to find a moment of calm in your busy day. Either way, I think doodling might just be the thing for you.

The Art of Starting Simple:

I know some folks might think doodling is just kid stuff, but there’s more to it. For me, it’s been about letting go of the need to be perfect. Using a pen means no erasing, no second-guessing – just pure, unfiltered expression. It’s a humbling way to let go and let God guide the creativity.

Doodling as a Daily Ritual:

Every morning, I grab my sketchpad as a way to start a conversation with the divine. It’s not just a ritual; it’s how I live my spirituality. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or during a quiet moment in the day, the key for me is just to do it.

Embracing Creativity and Faith:

I set aside time specifically for this. It’s like a little sacrifice that pays off big time. I’ve learned to accept things on faith and let my creativity roam free.

Let's Talk Doodles

An Unexpected Revelation:

Take this one morning, for example. I closed my eyes, pen in hand, and just let it move across the page. When I opened my eyes, nothing specific jumped out. But later that evening, something amazing happened. As I revisited my doodle during a virtual study group, a dark area on the page caught my eye. It reminded me of “The Phantom of the Opera.” This led me down a path of spiritual discovery and reflection.

The Many Gifts of Doodling:

You know, doodling is more than just drawing. It’s a way to:

  • stop your brain from zoning out,
  • boost your memory,
  • spark creativity,
  • process emotions
  • and so much more!

It’s like a little powerhouse of benefits.

Lessons from the Phantom:

Reflecting on my doodle, I delved deeper into the themes of ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ This exploration led me to confront darker desires and the importance of not judging others by appearances. It also illuminated the path toward truth and self-acceptance, emphasizing the significance of genuine love and the empowerment that comes from taking control of one’s life. Remarkably, these lessons mirrored the themes of the virtual gathering I was attending—highlighting the value of unity over isolation and the strength found in fellowship and community engagement.

A path to spiritual creativity
let go and let God guide the creativity.

Your Story Awaits:

I hope my little story here ignites something in you. Doodling can be a deeply spiritual and creative journey. Good Orderly Direction (G.O.D.) – it’s not just about making art; it’s about discovering the art and life within you,  in what many might say in an unconventional way.

A Nudge to Begin:

Are you feeling the pull to try this out? To just let your creativity flow and see where it takes you spiritually? I’ve put together something special (a cheat sheet) to help you get started: “Divine Doodles: A Starter Kit for Spiritual Creativity.” I can’t wait to hear about your doodling adventures.

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