I want to share the two intuitive art practices that allowed me to DEVELOP my art and grow personally by connecting my “inner being.” “Intuitive” implies the artist creates based on what is felt. Moreover, developing and expanding artistic and technical skills is a necessary process that takes courage. It challenges core beliefs and values as well as faith, again and again. It’s not an overnight matter.

In some ways, artistic development will come quickly; other aspects slowly. Style and ability will emerge with regular practice. Get my FREE downloads below and start today!

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Abstract Painting Cheatsheet:

10 Must-Know Tips & Ideas 

Creativity flows in every color you fill in and every design you make in your abstract painting. I’ll tell you this, coloring your own ideas is a lot better than searching out one on Google or Pinterest.

I want to share with you 10 tips and ideas that help when your brain goes completely dry, and you have no idea what to paint.

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Expand Your Creativity With…Coloring Pages

Let your imagination expand your creativity with coloring pages. Let go and let it flow. Color for a while or color the entire page. Layer, shade, and add your personal touches to connect with the most inner parts of yourself. Think of it as a meditation. Be led; the page will become a beautiful soulful expression of you. 

I’ve broken it down for you in four easy steps. Download your copy and let it flow!

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