Expanding Your Creativity With Intuitive Painting Is About Listening and Looking

I had to learn that the pieces of the puzzle do fall into place. Expand your creativity with intuitive painting, you’ll discover more about you.

Intuitive painting is the process of allowing each layer of paint to inform what comes next. It’s about self-love as you embrace the mystery, exercise non-attachment, explore & express your voice, and play with paint.

Intuitive art is expressing what we sense, see, hear, and feel. Becoming willing to let go and let the paint flow.

Read on, and let’s ponder pieces of the puzzle more. What if “pieces” are not limited to, but include new awareness’, truths, inspirations, colors, words, and anything else that calls us forward? We get pieces of the puzzle, an inner nudge by listening to a song or speaking with a friend or client. Choose to be moved by textures, colors, shapes, and smells on a nature walk or aware of color in various settings or places or even clothing. We come to expect it. Are you with me?

The expectation is a door to expand our creativity.

Because I’m spiritually awake or being intentional, expecting and anticipating them, it makes receiving pieces of the puzzle and letting them fall into place feel enjoyable and exciting. It’s choosing to be curious and trust the adventure. Expand your creativity with intuitive painting. Are you amazed at the wonder of it? I hope so because that’s what sets us up to attract more pieces.

What can water show us? Well, for one thing, water favors dry places. Sometimes I find myself grasping out of the fear that I’ll not see or hear the pieces. We are not in control. However, we can become like water and be willing to flow. We can let go of the need to define or put the pieces together. Understanding will come when needed. Believing and willingness pull us forward and keep us moving in the right direction.

Instead of resisting what is, choose to let creativity come. Or let go and get out of the way. This very process helps us to create intuitive art discovering more about how to express ourselves, piece by piece, and engage with the canvas in a meaningful way. As we connect, the puzzle comes together, and a picture emerges. 

Prompts to remove your intuitive painting blocks.

Below are a few prompts I use when my painting is not coming together with the way I think it should or expected it. They will help you to relinquish the need to control and let it flow again and expand your creativity with intuitive painting.

  • Pause to pray or use an affirmation or intention reminding yourself that where there is a need, ask for help. It comes.
  • Pause and spray the painting or a portion of it with water. Watch its effect, letting go of your need to make something happen. At once, several pieces may quickly come together, establishing a corner or edge.
  • Choose a new color to cover up that area that you are not understanding. Freedom will come providing you with the next right movement, stroke, or color.

Each of these is examples that demonstrate physical evidence of your willingness to let go and let the paint flow. Your creativity will expand. The story from within can be released, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and intuitive painting emerges.

Is the puzzle complete? Are there pieces remaining? What if you are holding an extra piece? Oh, there’s more. Do you want more? 

In closing, I challenge you to seek and be curious about what you cannot see and expand your creativity with intuitive painting.

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