I want to take a minute to share a sacred journey close to my heart – my venture into Prophetic Painting. It’s like an outpouring of my devotion and worship onto a canvas, a creative conversation with God. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let me introduce myself…

I’m Sarah Oliver, a spiritual leader and artist committed to guiding individuals on their transformative journey of self-discovery. I am the visionary behind the Creativity ReConExMe art program, a creative fusion of spirituality and artistry designed to help you unlock your creative potential, nurture emotional healing, and rediscover your true self.

My journey into prophetic painting began in 2014. During worship, I began sensing, hearing, knowing, and feeling things that were beyond ordinary. Encouraged by some friends, I began journaling, praying, and meditating on these experiences. Then, one day, while driving home from church, the words “paint it” whispered in my mind. Initially, I was like, “Nah, I’m not a painter.” But at that moment, I asked myself, “Why not?” So, once home, I dug up some old paints from my kids’ younger days, and that’s where this beautiful journey began.

From those humble beginnings, I’ve developed a profound 4-cycle process that I call Creativity ReConExMe (Retreat, Connect, Explore, Metamorphosis).

Capturing Divine Inspiration Through Artistry

Join me on a spiritual journey as I immerse myself in the worship experience and translate divine inspiration onto the canvas. Witness the sacred moment when creativity intertwines with spirituality, revealing profound messages and symbols in ‘Embracing The ONE Journey.’ In these paintings, I explore trust, unity, divine connection, personal growth, and the beauty of embracing change. Each stroke and color tells a story of healing, revelation, and transformation, offering you a glimpse into a world where art becomes a vessel for spiritual awakening. Discover the profound connection between faith and artistic expression.

“Embracing the ONE Journey”

(36″ X 48″ acrylic on canvas)

It’s been an honor to share the “live” painting experience you may have witnessed at The Harbor Church during the “ONE” message series. Live painting is an expression of faith through worship. If you’re not familiar with prophetic art, it’s a form of worship involving personal revelations from the Holy Spirit expressed through the artist’s imagination and skill. Its purpose is to edify, encourage, comfort, minister, and reveal to the Body of Christ. 

The painting I created during the “ONE” message series carries profound symbolism and layers of meaning. It conveys vulnerability, transparency, and a heartfelt conversation—a raw and beautiful expression of love. While there is much depth to explore, I will touch on a few elements, their significance, and God’s message to me and our church community.

At the heart of the painting stands a simple stick figure intentionally drawn with childlike innocence and unashamed worship. With arms outstretched, a pink heart beneath a white cloth, and eyes lifted upward. It embodies raw vulnerability and an unwavering trust in a safe haven. The figure not only has its eyes on the Son it reaches out to touch the sunlight, symbolizing our deep longings for purpose, freedom, and divine revelation. 

The window symbolizes divine connection, offering a glimpse of hope and healing – a gateway to the world within us, our circumstances, and the broader world beyond us. Windows represent growth, exploration, knowledge, clarity, vision, creativity, and opportunity. Its warm red frame speaks of the love shared within our faith community.

After the first session, my husband took a picture of the painting, and I saw his shadow covering the stick figure. I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to “paint it,” so I did and that’s when I noticed the figure on the right side. These two figures in the painting stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the foreground, symbolizing our commitment to being ONE, as described in Acts 2:42. We stand united, recognizing a higher purpose and the battles we face together. This mirrors the unity emphasized in John 17:20-22.

Furthermore, the window frame bridges the blue figure’s heart and the green figure’s head, portraying an ongoing “divine exchange” between the heart and mind—a continuous journey of growth and learning.

I’ve titled this painting “Embracing the ONE Journey”its symbols beautifully represent our church community’s journey. We recently celebrated 20 years and are embarking on a new chapter—a transition marked by faith and unwavering commitment.

If these words resonate with you, I invite you to receive them. Should they encourage you or ignite questions within your heart, or if you simply wish to delve deeper into the profound meaning behind this painting, please reach out to me at sarah@saraholiverart.com.

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