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No Experience Or Training Necessary; Only Your Willingness To Explore

What is creative coaching? 

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need someone to tell me how to develop artistically and live a more meaningful and satisfying life?” Or… “Am I not capable of being my best self on my own?”

These are questions that many creatives just like yourself ask, after all, given the general misunderstanding of what “coaching” entails and how “good” art coaching empowers artists and creatives to live a more fulfilling life.

I make it possible for artists and creatives to connect to GOD through art and have a more significant creative self-expression. By empowering them with a Creative Reconexme strategy, teaching them the necessary tactics for self-discovery, and encouraging them to reach the goals they want through the implementation.

Creative arts coaching is not therapy or counseling, which pairs a mental health professional with a client seeking guidance around mental wellness. It’s not mentorship or training either, in which a professional is paired with a more experienced professional.

My courses and creative coaching are designed to help you connect to God through art – the big thing, embrace a newfound identity, and create out of YOUR flow by sharing easy-to-follow art encounters for self-expression, including the strategy, tactics, and implementation. 

It is a partnership between me and you that will help you explore your options, focus on your goals, and create a personalized action plan to birth or nurture your creativity whether you are a fine artist, self-taught, or utterly new to art-making.


Creativity ReConExMe

Gentle, non-invasive courses, and creative coaching combing art theory with practical exercises for creative self-discovery. 

I look forward to helping you connect to God through art – the big thing, embrace a newfound identity and create out of YOUR flow rather than the pressures of performing, producing, and succeeding.

I’ll break it down into small, step-by-step pieces for consistent actions. Additionally, art exercises for self-expression are woven in, so that you find your voice and stay on the path without confusion, whether you are a self-proclaimed artist or are utterly new to art-making.

  • Weekly Zoom session tailored to your unique process.
  • Daily individual creative methods to keep you tuned into your Creativity.
  • Creative activations, healing processes, and individual programs of study.
  • Feedback and critique of your works.

You’ll find YOUR voice, clarity, and direction, whether you are a fine artist, self-taught, or utterly new to art-making.


Creative Arts Coaching Consultation

How can I help you? It’s my pleasure to speak with you about my courses and creative coaching programs for more significant creative self-expression.

I’ve helped many artists and creatives by empowering them with my Creativity Reconexme strategy, teaching the necessary steps for self-discovery, and encouraging them to reach the goals they want through the strategy and implementation.

Having a companion, such as a creative coach, alongside you guiding you as you connect with God, with your inner self, can make all the difference.

Are you ready to realize your aspirations and dreams, become more open and teachable, and will even improve your relationships?

Use the “I’m Ready” button below to request a FREE discovery & assessment call with me.

I look forward to meeting you!

What recent participants are saying…

I was invited by a friend to participate in a Creative Encounter Group. I enjoyed most working with paint to demonstrate my relationship with God of my understanding. I was delighted to feel God’s reassurance of my worth and pleasure in my efforts to reach Him. I was able to experience the truth that my God is quite pleased with my stretching to be close to Him.


The Creative Encounter concept was new to me. What a fabulous spiritual experience with friends!!! I was most moved by the “calmness..the freeness” of letting myself enjoy the experience. The four emotions and signature pieces were particularly special. I realized I need to work harder on my connection, but this process has given me a better openness to help that daily connection.  I would highly recommend this class for a new experience with one’s Higher Power. A new and bright artistic way to gain a better connection.


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