“Brush Beats”

A Live Painting Experience

Welcome to “Brush Beats,” an exclusive live painting experience nestled in the vibrant heart of Old Town Untapped Pompano Beach. This unique event invites you to immerse yourself in an environment rich with promise, encouragement, and artistic freedom. Every first Friday of the month, from 6 to 9 pm, join us to awaken your artist’s soul and embark on a journey of spiritual and creative exploration.

No Experience Or Training Necessary; Only Your Willingness To Explore

Your Intuitive Painting Journey – $55 per session

“Brush Beats” offers more than a canvas and paints; it’s a gateway to a creative adventure that reconnects you with your Inner Artist through the art of intuitive painting. Within this journey, you’re not only encouraged to release judgment and dive into the creative process, but you’ll also find a supportive guide in me. As you play with colors, forms, and textures, I’ll be there to provide encouragement, support, and guidance every step of the way.

This experience is about letting your inner voice lead the dance of your brush—whether it’s calling joyful tones or echoes with deeper, more complex emotions. As opportunities arise, I’ll be there to introduce new techniques and tricks, helping you to explore and expand your artistic expression. It’s a space where the only rule is to let your art unfold naturally. Here, every stroke is a step toward uncovering the unbridled beauty of your creativity, free from the constraints of right or wrong.

Join “Brush Beats” for a session filled with exploration, learning, and the joy of painting intuitively. It’s your chance to give your inner critic a break and truly immerse yourself in the flow of creativity, with a guiding hand ready to support you in discovering the vast landscapes of your artistic potential.

Supplies You Need to Bring:

  • Canvas: Minimum 16” X 20” or your comfortable size.
  • Acrylic Paint: Basic colors including red, blue, yellow, brown, white, black.
  • Brushes: A variety of flats, rounds, and sizes.
  • Large Brush: 2”-4” for painting backgrounds.
  • Additional Tools: Palette knives, wedges, sponges.
  • Water Jar: A large container like a cottage cheese or yogurt pot.
  • Cleaning Materials: Paper towels or cloth.
  • Spray Water Bottle.
  • Sketchbook, Notebook, or Journal.
  • Writing Instruments: Pencil and Pen.

Supplies Provided:

  • Drop Cloth: With a plastic coating to protect your space.
  • Side Table: For convenient access to your tools.
  • Easel: For those who prefer to paint upright (you can also work flat on a table).
  • Lighting: Clip-on light for your easel, along with an extension cord.
  • Palette: Freezer paper, or paper plates for mixing colors.

Join us at “Brush Beats” and experience the transformative power of painting in a supportive, inspiring environment. Release control, embrace your creativity, and let it lead you to uncharted territories of artistic expression. Book your spot now and step into a world where art is not just seen—it’s felt.

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