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Connect To God Through Art


Art Sozo making visible your inner canvas with Sarah Oliver.
Sarah Oliver Art Sozo

Art Sozo offers a unique and transformative workshop experience that blends traditional Sozo inner healing tools with the freedom of art…

where you can connect with your Higher Power, unleash your creativity, and undergo healing, revelation, and deep understanding.

Regardless of artistic skill, you’re encouraged to approach this process with reverence and respect, recognizing its emotional and transformative nature.

Not an artist? No worries…

everyone can actively participate and benefit from this painting experience. We simply ask you to enter Art Sozo with an open mind and heart, to explore your emotions and connect with your innermost self.

Through Art Sozo, you’ll have an opportunity to express, release, and heal from past disappointments, losses, and limiting thought patterns. Using color as a language, you can delve into your inner world, uncover hidden truths, and journey forward with more clarity and confidence.

Join us in the transformative journey of Art Sozo. The class is limited to four people. Register today to reserve your place.

Sunday, November 12th from 1 – 4 pm

What recent participants are saying…

I was excited to take part in the Art Sozo Encounter Group because I had never painted in all of my life. I felt so free painting with my fingers. For me, it was a most moving, heart-opening spiritual experience. The clarity I gained was so meaningful. 


What a great new experience with God and art!  I have been feeling blocked. I am truly thankful for the support I received during the painting experience. It helped me to completely embrace the process with no inhibitions. I was rendered a refreshed sense of self-acceptance and love.


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