Art Sozo offers a distinct approach to the transformative Sozo process by merging traditional inner healing tools with the liberating power of art. Through this innovative method, individuals can forge a profound connection with the divine presence they believe in, facilitating the mending of deep-seated wounds and dispelling falsehoods. The Art Sozo experience takes place within a carefully crafted workshop environment, where safety and intimacy coexist harmoniously. Here, the presence of a Higher Power is able to move and touch hearts in a profound manner, unleashing creativity and ushering in healing, revelation, and comprehension.

One of the remarkable aspects of Art Sozo is its inviting and enjoyable nature. It is designed to embrace everyone, irrespective of their artistic expertise or previous training. In fact, if you possess the ability to finger paint, you possess the ability to engage in Art Sozo. Nevertheless, it is vital to recognize that this process delves into the depths of our emotions and hearts. Thus, Art Sozo should not be taken lightly. Its profound impact necessitates an attitude of reverence and respect.

What recent participants are saying…

I was excited to take part in the Art Sozo Encounter Group because I had never painted in all of my life. I felt so free painting with my fingers. For me, it was a most moving, heart-opening spiritual experience. The clarity I gained was so meaningful. 


What a great new experience with God and art!  I have been feeling blocked. I am truly thankful for the support I received during the painting experience. It helped me to completely embrace the process with no inhibitions. I was rendered a refreshed sense of self-acceptance and love.


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