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Many are curious and ask me about my painting process. Painting prophetically is not about making a masterpiece. It’s an act of worship that visually expresses.

Hey there, lovely souls.
I wanted to share something close to my heart – my journey into Prophetic Painting. It’s like this overflow of my devotion and worship onto a canvas, an artistic conversation with the divine.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let me introduce myself…

I’m Sarah Oliver…

…a spiritual leader, an artist, and the brain behind the Creativity ReConExMe art program. My prophetic painting story started back in 2014. I began sensing, hearing, knowing, and feeling things during worship. Encouraged by some friends, I started journaling, praying, and meditating on these experiences. And then, one day, while driving home from church, the words “paint it” whispered in my mind. At first, I was like, “Nah, I’m not a painter.” But as those words left my lips, I thought, “Why not?” So, once home, I dug up some old paints from my kids’ younger days, and that’s where this beautiful journey began.

From that starting point, I’ve honed a 4-cycle process that I call ReConExMe.

And you know what? It’s been working wonders for me, and now I’m thrilled to walk you through this process using my Adira painting as a real-life example.

“Now, the sight of a blank canvas can be intimidating.”

We’re often told to be childlike, and honestly, that’s quite a task. But guess what? It’s a process, one that leads us to consecrate ourselves in a way that keeps our connection with God alive and kicking. Trust me, as we embark on this journey, we grow in understanding and effectiveness.

So, let’s kick things off with the very beginning – what I call “Retreat.”

Taking this time to retreat is vital because it’s about posturing ourselves to receive, to open our minds and hearts to a fresh experience. It’s about letting go of that nagging focus on outcomes, on performing, and producing.

In this phase, it’s about setting aside everything we think we know about ourselves, about our creativity, our artistic skills, and even our ideas about God. It’s a refreshment for our bodies, minds, and spirits. And you know what’s exciting? By doing so, we’re putting ourselves in the perfect spot for promise. It’s a journey back to being childlike, a connection with the Holy Spirit through painting, where we’re fully present, right in His embrace. That’s where the magic is – the combination of our “yes” and His power. That’s the heart of prophetic painting.

So, here’s how it goes. I start with worship music. You know, in those moments, we become childlike, responsive. It’s like a release – I pour my inner thoughts onto the canvas, in words and thoughts, surrendering them to God. It’s like having a sacred conversation with Him.

And in this cycle, I simply write words and phrases on the canvas. But hey, if you’re a thinker like me, letting go of the need to figure everything out can be quite the challenge.

The canvas becomes this space where I’m just jotting words like “childlike,” “fear,” “fearless,” “love is the answer,” and so on.

Then, we dive into the “Connect” phase.

Here’s where color deepens the connection. I intentionally let “color” guide me – it’s like a dialogue between my emotions, God, and the canvas. I use my hands a lot in this phase, almost like a dance, and it’s incredible how color can connect us to our emotions in such a visceral way. It’s like a conversation between heaven and earth, an adventure guided by God’s hand.

And as we dive deeper into “Explore,” we’re stepping into a realm of intimacy.

It’s like the canvas becomes a window to our soul. It’s in this phase that Adira, the woman in my painting, emerges. She’s symbolic, a representation of vulnerability and courage.

As I paint, I’m letting go of bits of myself, allowing the painting to evolve, even if it means painting over parts or changing colors.

Here, it’s all about celebrating humility and shattering timidity. We’re daring to take emotional risks and truly embrace our identity.

Here you have it, a little sneak peek into the first few cycles of my painting process. Now, I can’t wait to share more about Adira and the beautiful message she carries. There’s so much more to unfold.

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