Sarah Oliver: Artist and Creative Coach on a Mission of Transformation

Welcome to my world of creativity and spiritual discovery. I’m Sarah Oliver, and my journey into the realms of art and coaching is rooted in a deep, personal transformation. From a young age, art and music were my sanctuaries, guiding me through life’s complexities. My imagination and curiosity have always been my guiding lights, leading me on a path of self-taught artistic exploration.

Several years ago, I experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening that reshaped my entire being. It propelled me into a journey of healing, during which I realized the power of creativity as a tool for spiritual well-being and emotional expression. This discovery was not just a turning point in my life, but also the birth of my calling as a creative coach.

With my Creativity ReConExMe program,

I’ve created a sanctuary for those seeking healing and personal growth through art. This program is more than just an art course; it’s a spiritual journey, intertwining color, form, and emotions to guide you to your innermost self. As a self-taught artist, my approach is deeply personal and empathetic. I’ve walked the path of discovery through visual journaling, painting, and exploring various mediums. This journey has not only refined my artistic skills but also my ability to connect with and guide others.

My professional path has been a continuous quest for growth and learning. I believe in remaining teachable, as it enables me to bring fresh perspectives and insights to those I coach. My philosophy is centered around the power of creative expression in achieving personal breakthroughs and fostering spiritual connections. The Creativity ReConExMe© program is a testament to this belief, offering a structured yet exploratory journey through art.

My unique skills lie in my ability to use art as a language

—a means to connect with and express complex emotions. This approach has been instrumental in guiding clients through significant transformations and breakthroughs. I’ve seen firsthand how art can unlock hidden emotions, leading to profound personal growth.

Looking to the future,

my vision is to expand the reach of my teachings through in-person retreats and online group workshops. I aim to empower professionals and educators to incorporate creative methods into their work, enhancing engagement and success in personal and artistic endeavors. My role is evolving to not just be a guide but also a mentor who teaches others to lead, inspire, and transform.

Join me in this journey of artistic and spiritual discovery, where creativity is not just an act, but a pathway to your truest self.

What People Say

“I believe the Holy Spirit has entrusted Sarah with her prophetic gift to connect the heart of God with the hearts of His children. When I look into the pieces of her heART – my imagination soars. I believe each piece is layered with truth, beauty & surprises from The Creator. Thank you, Sarah, for saying “yes” to sharing your heART with the world. I pray continued blessings, revelation, and encounters take you deeper and higher with our Creator. Love you!”

Thanks for great coaching Sarah Oliver Art. Consistency and Luxury were my two words from our time together! Had a successful paint night at my place last night!


“I have journeyed with Sarah for a while. Mostly in her creative groups, where she helped me through my grief. Her creative mentoring helped me heal and find a new place of trust. Thank you, Sarah, for all the ways you reached out, guided me, and ministered to me. Your graceful art ministered to my heart. You make a difference.”

I was invited by a friend to participate in a Creative Encounter Group. I enjoyed most working with paint to demonstrate my relationship with God of my understanding. I was delighted to feel God’s reassurance of my worth and pleasure in my efforts to reach Him. I was able to experience the truth that my God is quite pleased with my stretching to be close to Him.


Sarah, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the guidance and teachings you have provided me on my artistic spiritual journey. Your wisdom and support have been invaluable in helping me connect with my inner self and find greater peace and clarity in my mind.

Your teachings on spiritual healing have been particularly transformative for me, and I am grateful for the tools and practices you have shared that have helped me navigate difficult emotions and challenges with greater ease and grace.

Thank you for your compassion, patience, and unwavering commitment to helping me and others on their spiritual paths. I feel truly blessed that you helped open the door to having a new experience with painting.

Traveling through dimensions of time while painting and letting go of everything I think I know has been an enlightening process. A spiritual journey that is unexplainable leads me to wanting more.


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