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Spiritual Leader | Creative Coach

I empower and support female artists and creatives to connect to their innermost selves through art, affirm and claim their artist identity, and create art out of THEIR flow and voice.

I use art, my “power tool,” to help women connect to The Universe/God through art – the big thing! So they can recover from unresolved emotional and spiritual pain, embrace their true nature, and get the relief their soul craves to live and create with enthusiasm.

My Story…

The story of the Creativity ReConExME painting experience is a story of my struggle and triumph of reconnecting with myself. 

Like many clients, I am in the second half of my life. I struggled with fear and disappointment. I needed to stop living out of the beliefs and values that no longer served me and discover what was blocking the vibrant woman inside me just waiting to be birthed. 

In my late twenties, I experienced a spiritual awakening that changed the whole trajectory of my life. I was sitting with a colleague I’d just met a few days prior. Out of the blue, she began sharing with me an experience she had during a family counseling session with her father at a detox center. As she shared her awarenesses about herself, it was as if she told me a story about myself.

I know today that one of the most important aspects of my ongoing spiritual and creative journey is identification. I identified so strongly with this woman that a remarkable shift in my feelings and outlook began right then and there. I flew home the next day and sought the help she was aiming for herself, trusting that it would work for me too. IT DID, AND IT STILL DOES.

I was suffering from a soul sickness and didn’t know it. It was explained that once I treated the soul/spiritual sickness, the rest of my life (the unmanageability – inside and outside) would fall into place. Being at my lowest, I chose to believe. 

Just a few years later…

I began seeing 8:22. It was happening so often that I started wondering about its significance. I’d glance at the time, and it was 8:22. My birthday is on August 22nd.

My 8:22 story continued with a series of spiritual awakenings. I talked to others about it, opened the bible, and began looking up Chapter 8, verse 22, in each book. 

Then, one Sunday morning, Romans 8:22 was referenced in the teaching. What a moment! It was a hug from God. I’ll share it with you. 

“All around us we observe a pregnant creation. The difficult times of pain throughout the world are simply birth pangs. But it’s not only around us; it’s within us. The Spirit of God is arousing us within. We’re also feeling the birth pangs. These sterile and barren bodies of ours are yearning for full deliverance. That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don’t see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.” Romans 8:22-25 MSG

Over time on my personal and artistic journey, I’ve been blessed to work with other women sharing my ever-changing creative and spiritual experience. I’ve come to know other creatives like myself who don’t want to stay trapped in a self-defeating cycle that requires more and more effort with little to no relief. Together we gain strength and hope for living and creating with enthusiasm and zeal. 

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, lost, confused, and stressed, not knowing how to get in touch with myself. These difficulties were inside of me. The more I held on to what was familiar, the more painful it got. Finally, I understood that I was resisting letting go of what I knew and had come to expect. I was afraid and unwilling to take the emotional risk of stepping into something I did not plan or imagine — my true nature or identity.

It’s not easy or comfortable, but straightforward. Early on, I was taught about freedom tools. They helped me identify and surrender beliefs that were holding me back and detach from past experiences that no longer served me. I began letting imagination be my guide. I found curiosity opened the door, and started the process of breaking down the wall of self-protection I’d built and getting the freedom my soul was seeking. 

Around 2012, I hit a wall and suddenly felt like my past was repeating itself. It wasn’t in reality, but my thinking told me it was. Much of the old fears and emotional pain rose within me. I was blind-sighted and reached out to a woman. I’ll never forget her response. She said, “What if you dared to imagine that your fears, pain, and self-doubt were potential? She asked me, “What if you are filled with possibility? Think about it.” I pondered that question for a good while. 

I felt led to press into my creativity. It was as if God/The Universe began speaking to me with color, movement, and sound. My heart and mind opened, and new freedom and trust took me. In hindsight, I believe that it was a manifestation of “possibility” rising up. 

I began journaling and listing things that came to mind, things I heard and saw, knowings, and thoughts that came to mind. I recorded colors, shapes, objects, songs, numbers, and symbols. I felt more connected to my innermost self and was feeling emotional relief and spiritually stronger. 

I no longer suffer from self-doubt and inadequacies or constantly compare myself to others. Comparison has caused me more creative blocks than I care to admit. Comparison is highly debilitating and disempowering. I’ve sought classes, workshops, and courses to help me move forward and create art when I felt so much less skilled, less prolific, and less popular on social media. Even when I compared myself favorably, I lost because my worth had become dependent on other people. 

Even the little things like my environment have affected my level of motivation and self-esteem, leaving me blocked and feeling lonely and sad. I’ve struggled with feelings of despair, anxiety, and distractions that have led to procrastination. Working through my procrastination uncovered deeper issues like my lack of confidence. This helped me understand my tendencies to overwork pieces, overschedule myself, and become unorganized. All these things affect my art-making.

When my inner turmoil was consuming me, I did not know that this was my place of breakthrough. My Creator was waiting and wanted to release and activate my creative path for healing. I was right on time and right where I was supposed to be. 

I learned how to unlock undiscovered facets and accomplishments I have inside of me by integrating art and spiritual principles for continuous insight and clarity. It’s made leveraging new opportunities for my personal and artistic transformation easier. 

Furthermore, with art, I can pursue my aspirations with art while building healthy relationships and inspiring others. Here’s how it all began with me:

I first had to understand that I needed to change what I’d been doing because it wasn’t working. I was serious about healing and getting the relief my body and mind needed. 

Second, I learned that I needed to be gentle with myself. 

Then, affirming myself and claiming my art identity made me aware of the importance of investing in myself. It didn’t matter how much art I made, how often I made it, how long it’s been since I last made anything, or how skilled I thought I was. I could and should claim the artist identity for myself – ASAP. This act helped me learn I didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission. I am my own source of validation. This was the beginning to the end of my imposter syndrome. 

Lastly, working with others is how you’ll stay on the path. You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and motivated and maintain a positive growth mindset. Your artistic abilities aren’t set in stone. 

It’s my mission to teach more artists, counselors, creatives, educators, and meditators how to use their creativity to access the emotional outlet; our innermost selves. That lights me up! It’s my most authentic passion. Connecting with our emotions is one of the highest forms of self-care, a sacred act that connects us to the Universe.

ART SOZO With Gail Spooner, Bethel

Opportunities came and when they did, I seized them. At the time, I was serving in the Sozo Ministry at church and went on to become an Art Sozo Leader.

Learn how to embrace God’s perspective so that you can affirm and claim your artist identity and leverage your artistic abilities without needing anyone’s approval or permission to squash your aspirations and desire to create.

You were not born with a limit on your talent. Trust that what you create is desired if you feel the desire to create.


In the spring of 2020, in light of COVID-19, I began offering my Creativity ReConExMe courses and programs in-person, and online, as well as individual creative coaching and SOZO Art Encounters. 

My programs, through creativity, are designed to connect you with your inner self and, ultimately, your Creator, inner guide, the spirit within. The process is committing to time for yourself, accepting a few simple things in faith, making the goal “the experience itself,” and then letting Creativity have its way. 

I work with others because it’s how I stay on the path. I’m inspired, encouraged, and motivated by working with others. I want to maintain a positive growth mindset, that my artistic abilities aren’t set in stone.

My story keeps unfolding…

In December 2020 I re-located my business to a charming newly developed art district in Pompano Beach right in my own neighborhood. 

I share what I’ve learned with female artists and creatives traveling a winding path I’ve come to know very well. We’re not born with a limit on our talent. I trust that what I create is desired if I feel the desire to create. There is energetic supply and demand in the Spirit Realm. The Universe/God made no mistakes when creating me as an artist. My dreams are in my heart for a reason. My creative drive has a purpose. 

Most importantly, my passion is to help others connect to The Universe/God through art. It’s my belief that it’s the big thing!

You’ll have to check out my studio gallery.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear from you. 

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