claim your artist identity, elevate your artistic abilities, and fuel your aspirations and desire to create!

Sarah Oliver

Artist | Creative Coach

Artist | Creative Arts Coach

Courses and creative coaching to help you connect with God through art …

so that you can break free of what’s keeping you stuck. I want to show you how to integrate your creativity and spirituality so you can create and live out of enthusiasm. Are you ready to let go of your frustration and self-doubt? Let me show you how creative self-discovery can help you tap into your inner self. As your Creative Coach, I’ll help you discover and implement all the accomplishments and dreams you have inside of you. Join me to transform your art and life.

Hello, I’m Sarah…

I empower and encourage female artists and creatives just like yourself by providing gentle, non-invasive creative coaching combining art theory with practical exercises for creative self-discovery.

I’ll help you connect to God through art – the big thing so that you can embrace a newfound identity and create out of YOUR flow by sharing easy-to-follow art exercises for self-expression.

Join me and reconnect with the Creative Powerhouse you have inside of you…so that you can get free and create a life and art that has more meaning, that’s challenging and fulfilling.

You’ll find YOUR voice, clarity, and direction, whether you are a fine artist, self-taught, or utterly new to art-making.

Courses & Creative Coaching

Connect To God Through Art

…it’s the big thing!

Explore The Process

Creativity ReConExMe self-discovery is centered on the experience of painting. Our process removes the pressures to perform, produce, or succeed so that you can venture beyond practicing art and find healing, growth, and strength.

Creative Coaching Programs

What if I told you stepping into the next season of your life is not as hard as you might think?

Your Self-Doubt And Frustration Are The Doors To Possibility!

You have lots of options. While that may feel overwhelming, actually, it’s a great gift! 

With Creative Coaching, I’ll help you to connect to God, your Inner Artist, and get your creative juices flowing.

Learn how to feel it, move with it, connect with it, and awaken Your wholeness. You’ll find YOUR happy, useful, and wholeSELF.

Join Our Free Group

Expand Your Creativity With Intuitive Painting
Click here to join us in our free art group! Take advantage of the resources offered, implement what you see me and the others doing, and please tell us about yourself! You will find yourself beginning to create regularly, tuning into the inspiration around you, and creating the art and life you long for.


"I have journeyed with Sarah for a while. Mostly in her creative groups, where she helped me through my grief. Her creative mentoring helped me heal and find a new place of trust. Thank you, Sarah, for all the ways you reached out, guided me, ministered to me. Your graceful art ministered to my heart. You make a difference."


"I believe the Holy Spirit has entrusted Sarah with her prophetic gift to connect the heart of God with the hearts of His children. When I look into the pieces of her heART - my imagination soars. I believe each piece is layered with truth, beauty & surprises from The Creator. Thank you, Sarah, for saying "yes" to sharing your heART with the world. I pray continued blessings, revelation, and encounters take you deeper and higher with our Creator. Love you!"


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Surrender To Resistance And Create

Surrender to resistance and create, even if you're not feeling it. I've been talking with friends about creativity lately and how difficult it is to surrender to resistance and sustain the enthusiasm once you get your juices flowing. The dilemma of the creative...

The Story Behind My Work
The Story Behind My Work

I approach creative or responsive arts beyond practicing art and address my inner life while documenting my journey. I choose to process my personal growth, self-discovery, and mental well-being through two creative outlets ~ Intuitive Art and Journaling. Having found...

5 Ways to Turn Up Your Creative Flow
5 Ways to Turn Up Your Creative Flow

I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort, and disappointment, and perseverance. Vincent van Gogh Turn Up Your Creative Flow With A New Mindset Disappointments come across as life unfolds. We can get disappointed for a variety of...

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