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Sarah Oliver

Artist | Creative Arts Mentor

Artist | Creative Arts Coach

Courses and creative coaching that focus on connecting with God through art …

can be a powerful tool for those looking to break free from what’s keeping them stuck. By integrating creativity and spirituality, individuals can tap into their inner selves and unlock their full potential. Creative self-discovery can help individuals let go of frustration and self-doubt and live with enthusiasm. As a creative arts mentor, the goal is to help individuals discover and implement all the accomplishments and dreams they have inside of them. By embarking on this journey, individuals can transform their art and life, finding a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Hello there, I’m Sarah…

I am delighted to introduce myself as someone who can provide creative coaching to empower and encourage artists and creatives. Through a gentle and non-invasive approach, I combine art theory with practical exercises to help you discover your creativity and connect with your inner self. My goal is to help you find your own unique artistic flow by sharing easy-to-follow art exercises for self-expression, allowing you to embrace a newfound identity and connect with God through art. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Courses & Art Mentoring

Embrace Your Artistic Journey: Uncover and Cultivate Your Creative Voice

Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Art Mentoring Program

 If you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about your creative journey, we’re here to help. What if we told you that stepping into the next season of your life is not as hard as you might think? Your self-doubt and frustration are the doors to possibility! We believe that everyone has an inner artist waiting to be discovered, and with our program, we’ll help you connect with that part of yourself. Our program will guide you in learning how to feel it, move with it, connect with it, and awaken your wholeness. You’ll discover a newfound sense of happiness, usefulness, and wholeness within yourself. With lots of options to choose from, we’re excited to embark on this creative journey with you.

Embrace Possibility, Unleash Your Inner Artist

In-Person & Online Classes

Our programs are unlike any other, as we prioritize the process of creation over the end result. We believe that art has the power to heal, grow, and strengthen us, which is why we designed our programs to remove the pressures to perform, produce, or succeed. Our platform provides a safe and supportive space for you to venture beyond practicing art and tap into your inner creativity. Through our programs, you’ll discover the joys of painting, find peace in the present moment, and develop new skills and techniques to take your art to the next level. We invite you to join our community of artists and experience the transformative power of painting for yourself.

Are You Ready To Take Your Art To The Next Level?

Expand Your Creativity With Intuitive Painting

Join our free art group today!

As a member of our community, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources to help you grow and develop your skills. From tutorials and tips to inspiration and feedback, we offer everything you need to start creating regularly and pursuing your artistic dreams. Our group is a supportive space where you can connect with other artists, share your work, and receive valuable feedback and encouragement. We believe that everyone has the potential to create beautiful art and live a fulfilling life, and we’re here to help you achieve that vision. So what are you waiting for? Click here to join us today and start creating the art and life you long for!


"I have journeyed with Sarah for a while. Mostly in her creative groups, where she helped me through my grief. Her creative mentoring helped me heal and find a new place of trust. Thank you, Sarah, for all the ways you reached out, guided me, ministered to me. Your graceful art ministered to my heart. You make a difference."


"I believe the Holy Spirit has entrusted Sarah with her prophetic gift to connect the heart of God with the hearts of His children. When I look into the pieces of her heART - my imagination soars. I believe each piece is layered with truth, beauty & surprises from The Creator. Thank you, Sarah, for saying "yes" to sharing your heART with the world. I pray continued blessings, revelation, and encounters take you deeper and higher with our Creator. Love you!"


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